EMIE Marketing Reveal Secrets to Help Businesses Improve Workforce Wellbeing

    ORLANDO, FL, May 08, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ — With employee satisfaction being a priority for many businesses in 2015 and beyond due to the impact on employee mental health being high, it is important that businesses research the best methods to maintain well-being and engagement to ensure the investment allows the business to reap the benefits.

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EMIE Marketing[2] look at the correlation between workforce well-being and engagement and the findings were clear. Looking at renowned employee management professionals Virgin Group, we look at Executives’ focus for 2015 vs Managers’ focus for 2015 and the findings are clear

– Increase Engagement, 90% vs 84%

– Staff turnover, executives’ focus on retention vs managements’ focus on talent sourcing

– Employee wellbeing and health, 83% vs 79%

With the correlations being high between workforce wellbeing and business growth EMIE Marketing look at what can happen if businesses fail to endeavour to improve workforce wellbeing.

– Poor sleep

– High stress

– Poor health

Businesses are investing more in workforce wellbeing and for those businesses looking to find a starting point, EMIE Marketing offer some ideas to discuss during daily meetings:

– Financial Management

– Nutrition balance

– Weight management options

– Stress management methods

EMIE Marketing offer their workforce regular appraisals allowing the work force an interactive platform of engagement that allows goals and targets to be set that will offer satisfaction to both workers and the business alike.

EMIE Marketing are an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Orlando, Florida. With a workforce that has collectively years of experience working in the direct sales and marketing sector, EMIE Marketing have become one of the market leaders in their industry. With the positive outlook for the U.S. economy in 2015, the firm believes to expand into two further markets by the end of the year. Their goal for the next five years is to represent their clients nationwide. Plans to open up overseas are also under discussion.

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