T-Mobile Writes The Best Press Release You’ll Ever See From A Phone Company

from the someone-had-some-fun dept Our general rule is that we ignore press releases, because they’re fake news. People still send them to us sometimes, but I’ve got a pretty good email filter that filters them right into the trash. Every so often there’s an interesting press release, but it’s rare. It’s even rarer from a large company. Rarer still: an...

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Confidentiality and Press Releases. Purchaser recognizes, agrees and acknowledges that Seller’s parent company is a publically-owned and traded entity, and is subject to strict rules regarding the disclosure of information relating to its acts and its transactions (including executory contracts). Accordingly, each Party shall hold in strict confidence (and cause their agents and attorneys to hold in strict confidence) the existence...

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AI Time Journal divulges information and knowledge about the opportunities brought by Artificial Intelligence technology and companies across several industries and domains. We do this by publishing interviews[1] with industry thought leaders, founders, CEOs and influencers in the field of AI, and by providing a platform to publish[2] high-quality AI-related contributor articles. $100 per submission – several types of content...

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